Stanzin will give a talk about decentralised sanitation in the context of circular economy. He will bring practical example of re-use based compost toilets, sludge management system and wastewater.


BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association), founded in 1977, is a civil society expert organisation focused on the provision of essential public services.

Through our regional office in Bangalore, India, BORDA South Asia operates in four countries: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.


According to the World Bank, 2.5 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation. Through engagement with partner organisations, BORDA South Asia aims to improve the living conditions of socially disadvantaged groups by facilitating access to basic needs services such as sanitation, wastewater management and water provision while maintaining a safe environment. This is our contribution to creating livable cities and communities for all.


The phenomenal urban population growth in South Asia is not supported by proportionate infrastructure development. Substantial portions of the population are deprived of basic services such as potable water, sanitation, and drainage. Cities are suffering from environmental degradation. Poverty and lack of housing is reflected in the growth of the informal sector, slums and squatter settlements.


BORDA Expertise

The services provided by BORDA South Asia and its partners are aimed at fulfilling the basic needs requirements for disadvantaged members of our society. We do this through:

         Providing sanitary infrastructure for the urban and rural poor

         Designing and constructing effective, reliable and cost-efficient decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS)

         Urban planning

         Water and wastewater management

         Slum development

         Capacity building for the various technologies offered and operations & maintenance (O&M)

         Supervision and consultancy